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Get this Unique 360 Degree Email Marketing Technology That Builds Massive Email Lists For Any Business And Send Them Beautiful Emails At the Click of A Button!

MaxMailz Pro Commercial discount code

Maxmailz is such a game changer with exceptional 360-degree email advertising technology which allows users to construct gigantic email lists for any company and send them amazing emails at the click of a button. Your company will be powered with no technical hassles.

Customized drag & drop company central dash: with the user friendly & intuitive drag and drop dash, you can rearrange sections however you see fit on screen to personalize visibility for optimum productivity.

100+ beautiful & cellular friendly done for you direct webpages, pop ups, & email templates: a range of visually attractive templates to get you started and impress clients in the first sight. Simply load them up, click to edit, make changes, and you are ready to go.

True 360* email lead shooting technology: Maxmailz 360* technology enables you to capture mails from numerous places on the internet without a single hitch.

Exclusive email follow-up travel automated technology: like creating a funnel, you will be able to visually design the travel of your email follow ups with complete ease. This gives you a perfect view of how your campaign will appear to your readers. As soon as you’re done and satisfied with your intended campaign, simply allow the automation do all of the work of managing the effort for you as you sit back and profit.

Advanced drag & drop page editor: There are so many features included which helps you easily design your guide webpages and other items inside of Maxmailz 360

Seamless integration with the most popular autore-sponder providers: You may keep your auto-responder service whilst taking advantage of all of the power and features of Maxmailz 360* at precisely the exact same time!

Integrates with your SMTP readily: Maxmailz 360* may also work with pretty much every SMTP service also. And configuring the settings is a complete breeze.

List cleaning and record checking included at no additional cost: Maxmailz 360* comes with integrated list cleaning and record assessing options for you. So you not only save money on these services, but be sure that you’re emailing a fresh list with each single follow up and marketing.

Craft form emails with our intuitive editor

Unlimited email sending & scheduling with no limitations: Maxmailz 360* will send your emails on time every time.

Smart tagging for effortless segmentation — a genuine conversion booster. You’ll also have the ability to tag your readers to several offers, interests, and much more. This feature can help to boost conversions. This can increase subscriber retention and boost your open prices.

Advanced spam checker — makes sure that your emails get delivered: Maxmailz 360* includes one of the best and most innovative spam checkers available now. Run your mails through this option and you will have insight as to whether or not your email will make it into the inbox. Ideal for boosting your deliverability until you press send.

Thorough email analytics at your fingertips: maxmailz 360* can provide you all of the data you require for your email marketing campaigns and not even break a sweat. Get down to the details of each and every campaign to understand what’s working and what to avoid.

Personalization options to boost open rates: Maxmailz 360* provides you with a personal touch to your mails so that your emails will stick out.

100,000 contacts for your gigantic list building needs. Other auto-responder providers cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month depending on your email list size. But with Maxmailz 360*, 100000 contact option will be unlocked for you with no hidden fees.

100 email lists to organize your email marketing: Maxmailz offers you 100 different email lists to organize all of your contacts. This is great to help with segmentation.

50 domain names contained: although we provide you sub domain names that you host your webpages on (see below), we also offer you complete customization over where your webpages are displayed with Maxmailz 360*.

Sticky pub notifications to catch important attention: By having sticky bars, it is possible to increase sign ups and promos by simply adding this to your page immediately. Additionally, there’s no technical savvy required here. We’ll show you how to create and add this to your desired site in only minutes using maxmailz 360*

Hosting for all your webpages is included — no expensive hosting charges necessary! All you will need to do is simply create your webpage, publish, and you are all set to capture leads with pages that load faster than the blink of an eye.

Automated SSL encryption for each page you create. Normally you would have to pay extra to get a SSL certificate, but not with Maxmailz. You’re getting that exact same SSL encryption for every page you create with your account at no extra charge.

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