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NEW AI Technology For Anyone With A Website. Exploits NEW Nudge Marketing Tactic To Get More Leads, Sales and Traffic! Also Use It To Accelerate List-Building!

ConversioWidgets PRO discount code

ConversioWidgets is revolutionary “AI” technology. It utilizes a NEW tactic known as”NUDGE MARKETING” to drive more sales and generate more prospects on Sites.
Do you have a Website or a Blog? Want more leads and sales? Who does not right? . So many Website owners struggle to convert their traffic into leads & sales. Attempting to fix your website’s conversion rate can take weeks of hard work. It may also burn through tens of thousands of bucks you just don’t have. But what if it does not have to take so long? And what if it does not have to be so damn expensive? ConversioWidgets can eventually transform your Website into an automated prospects and sales machine.
It is made up of SEVENTEEN Site”Widgets”, all focused on driving conversions. These include:
A”Buyer Widget” which included 5,155 SALES into the founders’ ClickBank accounts in just two months.
A top secret”Blog Widget which drives around 480 free clicks per day to the founders’ e-commerce site…
A brand NEW”AI Widget” which burst the founders’ conversion rate by 263 percent in just 24 hours!
And FOURTEEN additional conversion-stacking Widgets to generate more leads, sales and bookings!

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